Mechanisms for attracting talent: creativity in the selection process, with Sara Regueiro

This week we talked with Sara Regueiro: Human Resources Director of Aqua Hotel Grup, about mechanisms for attracting talent in the hotel industry and how HR departments have to apply creativity in the selection process to attract the best talent.

Welcome, Sara. To begin the interview, tell us who you are and what you are passionate about.

I am Sara and my career in the hospitality industry spans more than 12 years, during which I have experienced significant professional growth and lived through various stages in this exciting sector. In my role as Human Resources Director, I have the privilege of positively influencing people's lives, which has been the fundamental driving force that prompted me to train and dedicate myself to this field. From professional development to the personal well-being of employees, I find in this work the opportunity to directly impact the lives of others, which fills me with satisfaction and motivates me to continue growing.

What challenges do you see facing the hotel industry today in terms of personnel management?

One of the challenges I see is the change in the mentality of the new generations: the declining service sector as a future job. Other challenges are:

  • The great competition by geographic area and bidding of candidates
  • Incompatibility of work and family life
  • Creating an inclusive work environment

What do you think is the impact of employer branding on talent attraction?

The impact of employer branding in terms of attracting talent can be seen in:

  • Attracting qualified candidates
  • A strong image saves search and selection costs
  • Employee retention: the pride of belonging to a group with a good image
  • Improved brand perception for consumers

And do you think social networks play an important role in attracting talent?

I believe that any marketing strategy focused on brand awareness is important because it is much easier for candidates to be attracted to work for a well-known company than one that is not.

What strategies do you think should be implemented today, or are being implemented, to attract talent in the hospitality industry?

In our case, "word of mouth" is fundamental. We are in a very specific and limited geographical area, so keeping our local networks of influence always active is very important. For this reason, we try to strengthen ties with our partners.

Also new experiential strategies such as "recruitment day" where they can experience hotel services first hand.

On the other hand, it is necessary to offer "something more" career plans, support for work-life balance, etc. Just enough is not enough.

How do you think technology has helped in attracting talent?

In my case, I do not have particularly advanced or innovative technological tools. I believe that in the end, technology saves us time in management and allows us to have more scope in our actions.

The time we save, we can invest in developing our HR strategy.

Finally, what advice would you give to a hotel or a company in the sector to improve talent recruitment?

Adapting to changing times, it is essential to listen to our teams and always keep ourselves up to date.

This Friday April 5th at 17:30h (Spanish time) we will talk with Sara Regueiro about talent recruitment in the hospitality industry. Don't miss it!

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