Document management with integrated digital signature

Streamline the management and signing of your documents with total peace of mind, complying with all legal regulations, no matter where you are or the device you use.

Simplify and focus on your equipment

Organize your employees' documents in a structured way, in a single, digital and secure place. This is the only way to focus on what really matters: people.

All in one place

Documents sorted in an instant: locate what you need in just a few clicks
  • Create folders
  • Upload documents
  • Classify with tags
  • Automate notifications of updates and changes

Safe and reliable protection

Our software uses Amazon Web Services cwith the strictest security measures to protect your data and comply with all certifications according to your region.
  • 24/7 access to your documents from anywhere
  • History stored in the cloud
  • Permission access tailored to your needs

Documents shared and signed instantly

Send all the documents you need in bulk to whoever you want, with or without e-signature.
  • Simple and intuitive process
  • Customisable user group distribution
  • Process linked with workflows

Streamline and protect your work documents with digital signature

Legal guarantee and agility: automate the management and signing of your documents from any place and device.

Say goodbye to the printer: digitize your documents

Standardise and professionalise your processes from recruitment to offboarding with unlimited e-signatures.
  • Request signatures from one or more employees
  • Automatically updated on each employee profile
  • Customisable and tailored to your company's needs

Customisable templates with e-signature

Design your own templates for your document management with electronic signature or use the default ones, it's up to you!
  • Decide what type of document to send
  • Templates with customisable fields
  • Tailored to your company's needs

Agile, secure and legal

niikiis integrates with Signaturit to ensure the protection of your documents and speed up the process.
  • Unlimited e-signatures
  • Legal support in transactions
  • Compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2014 standard
  • Qualified EU trusted service provider
  • eIDAS compliance