Time & Attendance Software

Centralize your team's time and attendance with flexible and easy-to-use software. Reduce absenteeism and ensure compliance with the Time and Attendance Law.

Workday registration from any device

Simplify your hotel's timekeeping. Wherever you are, choose between computer, app or tablet to clock in. And that's not all! We have facial recognition for fast, reliable and secure check-in.

Your team's shifts at a glance

All the data on the timekeeping of your front-line workers just a click away
  • Supervises schedule adherence in a practical way
  • Identifies and resolves time discrepancies with comments
  • Keep track of overtime
clock control
clock control

Categorise by breaks and/or projects

Organize your team's schedule control with break and/or project definitions
  • Establish and define breaks and projects to organize your teams
  • Justify your unusual absences through comments
  • Assigns tasks by project in a clear and precise manner

Customize timekeeping for your front-line workers

Automate notifications and alerts of your team's signings.
  • Receive Chatbot or email alerts when they forget to clock in
  • Stay informed about shift fulfillment with our notifications
  • Set the time clock to pause automatically at the time of your choice.
clock control
clock control

Time and attendance software with facial recognition

Faster and more secure face-to-face registrations with our facial recognition system.
  • High accuracy thanks to Amazon Web Services technology
  • Prevent fraud, niikiis will only recognize the clocking in with the worker's face
  • All you need is a tablet with an internet connection, and you're ready to go!

Time control with geolocation

Locate your team accurately when working remotely or from other locations.
  • Visualise who is in the office, remote or absent
  • Know where they are with geolocalisation
  • Automatic synchronization with the worker's niikiis portal
clock control
clock control

Control your time, efficient calculation of overtime and overdue hours

Tracking of your workers' timekeeping with automatic calculation of hours worked
  • Daily, weekly, monthly calculation... you decide!
  • Self-management of timekeeping
  • Make good decisions with detailed reports that clearly reflect your data

Tab from any device

No matter where you are. Time control from any device, anywhere.
  • Access the niikiis app from your mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Flexible for all front-line workers
clock control
clock control

Improve the well-being of your employees

Take advantage of time and attendance and clocking in for a better quality of work life.
  • Reduces absenteeism and prevents burnout
  • Increases productivity and motivation with self-management