Onboarding that leaves its mark

Welcome your employees as they deserve by automating and planning an onboarding that takes care of them.
Onboarding for hotels

Express incorporation for an unstoppable team

With niikiis you can create task checklists and automate processes to perform a perfect onboarding, improve the welcome process!

Centralized and organized reception plan

Say goodbye to the chaos of the first weeks! Create structured onboarding processes easily and simply.
  • Automate welcome messages via chatbot or email
  • Automatically generates profiles from the recruitment process
  • Synchronizes all information with the organization chart

Design your customized onboarding

Your team, your rules! Plan your onboarding processes according to your rules and values.
  • Create your own workflows
  • Guide your employees with your hotel's welcome plan
  • View task status whenever you want

Incorporate new workers quickly

A tool that accelerates the onboarding plan without neglecting wellness
  • Reminders via chatbot or email
  • Buddy or mentor assignment
  • Task planning and automatic training

Create a unique experience

Improve the employee experience with onboarding that enhances the value of your operation.
  • Increases satisfaction
  • Quick and easy planning
  • Facilitates communication between departments