Payroll incidents

Streamline your process of sending payroll incidences: Export to Excel the necessary information of your workers without complications, ready to send to your payroll consultant or manager.

Automate your processes to save time on payroll issues

With niikiis, you can easily manage changes in position, department, contract type, salaries and extras. In addition, incidents such as sick leave and absences are directly reflected in the payment calculation.

All in one software

It stores data centrally and transfers the preliminary payroll. Once the payroll is completed, employees can download it directly from their niikiis profile.
  • Saves payroll review and preparation time
  • Automations and real-time updating
  • Secure and protected payroll incident data

Seamless integration with a3innuva

Streamline, optimize and centralize your data management for an efficient and error-free process.
  • Transfer all information without the need to download files or duplicate data
  • Ensures efficient management by having all data in one place
  • With a3innuva, speed up the calculation and follow-up of incidents, avoiding errors and delays.

Payroll Incident Records

Simplifies incident management and ensures a flawless payroll
  • Change positions, departments, contract types, salaries and extras in an agile way.
  • Efficiently records and manages absences affecting payment
  • Ensures flawless payroll: Ensures accurate and timely payments

Download the incidences in payrolls in Excel

Export all the information related to your employees' payroll incidents to send it to your payroll consultant or payroll manager.
  • Simplify the paperwork with your consulting firm
  • Ensures smooth communication by providing all necessary details on payroll issues
  • Export your payroll incidents to Excel in an agile manner

One-click automatic sending of payrolls

Automatic and secure payroll distribution: Simplify and speed up delivery to your employees.

Share payroll with your team

Your employees will be able to download their payroll quickly and easily in pdf format.
  • Simplify communication with your team
  • Downloadable payroll for your employees on their niikiis profile

Change confirmation with e-signature

Request payroll receipt confirmation with e-signature
  • Automate the process
  • Integration with secure and legal e-signature
  • New contracts, dismissals... All the documents you need!