Preliminary payroll and payroll receipt management

Manual calculations to check employee payments? Get the data for the preliminary payroll immediately and automatically, so that you don't miss anything!

Payroll management

Automatically process the daily activity of your employees, late clock-ins, early clock-outs, bonuses, overtime, vacations... Doing it manually takes time and there is a high probability of error. Just simplify the process!

Compensation as the base

Your set-up for the preliminary payroll
  • Historic of wages and changes
  • With tariffs, payment periods and payment types
  • For all types of workers
register compensation in niikiis
Analytics reports for payroll management from niikiis HR software.

Pre-payroll automation

Time and attendance data for the preliminary payroll process
  • Export any report for preliminary payrolls
  • Adaptable to your payroll software with templates
  • Real-time change automation

Payroll Incident Records

Register changes with automated alerts
  • Payroll incidence reports at hand
  • Minimize errors
  • Monitor processes and follow-up
document management software

Electronic Payroll Slip

Centralize information and organize your payroll receipt in one secure, digital place
How to manage payroll in niikiis HR software.

Share your payslip

Quick and easy access
  • Simplify communication
  • Share pay slips with your employees
  • Classify with tags

Change confirmation with e-signature

Request payroll receipt confirmation with e-signature
  • Automate the process
  • Integration with secure and legal e-signature
  • New contracts, dismissals... All the documents you need!
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