Hire the best people with our recruiting and selection software

Stand out from the competition, attract and retain talent with our ATS recruitment system.
recruitment and selection software

Build your dream team

Post your vacancies in an agile way, access an exclusive internal portal to find talent and simplify the direct hiring process to focus on what really matters: people.

Find talent in record time

Choose fast, choose well, niikiis designs for you the essential fields for your job offers.
  • Customize forms according to the vacancy
  • Save time searching for personnel

Create your own job portal

Stop paying for tools and get an in-house job portal
  • Design the portal adapted to your brand
  • Create customizable forms for each vacancy
  • Integrate your niikiis portal with your corporate website

Attract the ideal candidate

Simplify your recruitment process: find and manage your candidates by vacancy with just one click
  • Motivate candidates with attractive vacancies
  • Plan quickly and easily
  • Facilitates communication between all your departments

Follows up on the process

Keep an eye on your candidates with a recruitment process organised in phases.
  • Know the vacancy status in real time
  • Customize fields
  • Collect all vacancies on a single platform

Save candidates 'for later'.

Store the data of candidates you don't hire in the Talent Hub: contact them when you need to!
  • Stores and accesses applicant files
  • Get organized by creating labels to classify them
  • Close your vacancy without fear

From candidate to employee

Hire automatically with a fast and easy hiring process
  • Automatically updates with the workers' database
  • Access to unlimited electronic signatures
  • Manage all paperwork in one place

Get ready for onboarding

From recruitment to the reception plan, in the blink of an eye!
  • Automatically creates the hosting plan
  • Design the onboarding process tailored to your needs
  • Automate welcome messages via chatbot or email
reception plan