Simplify shift management in your hotel

Save time and effort when managing your Horeca team's shifts, with flexible, easy-to-use software that adapts to the way your front-line workers work.

Create your schedules and shifts in one click!

Say goodbye to shift and schedule chaos! Don't waste any more time managing your employees' shifts
of your workers, niikiis does it for you!

Save time by setting up work shifts

Flexible planning that adapts to the way you work.
  • Assigns and configures shifts
  • Synchronizes with time control and breaks
  • Easily allocate by positions and departments
clock control

Visualize shifts with a smart calendar

Simplify and optimize the management of employee shifts thanks to our intelligent calendar.
  • Stay in control with clear visualization of your team's shifts
  • Avoid mistakes and abstentionism
  • Save time by planning shifts

Modify shifts instantly

Modify your shifts with total freedom - your management, your control!
  • Plan rotating shifts
  • Optimise your recruitment times
  • Reorganises and modifies shifts according to incidents

Detects gaps, avoids errors

Make schedules according to your needs.
  • Controls sick leave and contingencies
  • Avoid overlapping absences. Continuous and complete scheduling
  • Ensures coverage by assigning workers to unoccupied shifts

Manage shift changes with a click of a button

Request, approve and reject shift changes easily and from your cell phone.
  • Instantly approve, request or reject shift changes
  • niikiis notifies via chatbot or email if the change has been approved or rejected.
  • Records the justification for the change and attaches documents