Your shift management
and working hours, optimised

Back to the office! Automate processes and avoid errors by upgrading your digital shift management.

Streamlined and simple shift management

Digitise your staff shift management with HR software.
Make sure no one misses a shift!

Shift work rules

Create your own rules and assign schedules to your teams.
  • Assigns and configures shifts over time
  • Synchronised with time and break control
  • Simple allocation by posts and departments
Shift allocation in niikiis HR software.
Calendar for your shift management at niikiis

Calendar for your shift management

Visualise your shifts, your team's shifts or your organisation's shifts with a calendar view.
  • Customisable view according to your needs
  • Detects conflicts
  • Manage change requests from the calendar

Modify shifts quickly

Have a tool at hand that allows for shift changes and control of any incidents
  • Plan rotating shifts
  • Optimise your recruitment times
  • Reorganises and modifies shifts according to incidents
Modify shifts quickly in niikiis
Detect gaps of contributors in niikiis

Gap detection

Make time schedules according to your needs.
  • Controls sick leave and contingencies
  • Check for overlapping absences
  • Assigns staff to missing shifts

Manage shift changes

Request, approve and reject shift changes in just a couple of clicks.
  • Specify the desired change
  • Detects and avoids overlaps between partners
  • Record the reason for the change and attach documents.
manage shift changes at niikiis