Manage reimbursements
in the expense control software

Elevate your expense management by creating and storing tickets in a single expense control software.

Expense control software

Allow your employees to claim expense reimbursements as and when they wish

Create tickets for expense management

Cover all your needs by creating tickets for the reimbursement of your expenses.
  • Fill in the essential fields: amount, date, category...
  • Attach document or image of receipt
  • Available 24/7, from any device
creation of tickets for expense management in niikiis
configures expenditure approval flows in niikiis

Configure expenditure approval flows

Decide who manages your company's expenses management
  • Allocate responsibility according to your policies
  • Preview task status
  • Customisable approval notifications

Centralise tickets in the employee profile

Centralise reimbursement claims in one expense control software
  • View all expenses for each employee
  • Create folders
  • Classify with tags
Stores tickets in the contributor's profile on niikiis
estimates expenses by generating automatic reports in niikiis

Estimate expenses by generating automatic reports

Plan and review your company's expense management with reports
  • Create charts with expense categories
  • Select the department or user group
  • Export data to Excel