Implement niikiis quickly and effortlessly

The first advantage of buying a plug&play HR software is that you can configure your data immediately.

The niikiis implementation process includes data import and profile configuration - an action plan designed just for you!

We are with you in the process


1. A specialist, just for you

Your key account manager will give trainings you according to your chosen proce plan and will be available for any questions you may have.

2. Personalised plan of action

We will design an action plan with agreed deadlines so that you can make use of your HR Software as soon as possible.

3. Unlimited training

Any training on any module, at your disposal. Both previous recorded sessions and any new ones you may request.

4. Data import

We will support you in importing your existing HR data - forget about Excel!

5. Kick-off

You will be able to use your new HR Software in less than 2 weeks. Just let us help you.

What happens next?

Each implementation depends on the plan you have purchased. Once you have all your details and training, niikiis will continue to support you in your experience, your happiness comes first!

Your key account manager will remain available and will answer your questions to ensure you have the best experience with your HR Software.