Transform your internal communication with our integrated social network

Say goodbye to communication chaos in your hotel! With our software, forget about having multiple scattered channels. We offer integrated internal communication and social networking, all in one place!
internal communication

All communication in a single software

We know that out-of-control communication can be a challenge for front-line workers in the hospitality industry. Imagine the efficiency and agility you'll achieve, having all conversations and essential information in one place and on mobile.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own social network?

Create posts, comment, create communication channels from the app and publicly acknowledge your team.
  • Connect your team through a single platform
  • Encourages engagement, sense of belonging and commitment
  • Forget about having several communication channels! Centralize it with niikiis

Post news and statuses

Make communication your most powerful tool by sharing news and updates with your team.
  • Inform your employees about any issue
  • Connects workers from different departments
  • Make your company a community

Gives visibility to KUDOS

A space to recognize talent. Our integrated social network drives the culture of congratulations.
  • Give visibility to the recognition and achievements of your employees
  • Interact through emojis and likes
  • Customize accesses

Combines operational efficiency with commitment and engagement

The connection and order your frontline workers need in an all-in-one hotel software. Whether you're at the front desk, the restaurant or anywhere else in the hotel, our mobile app will keep you connected with all the relevant information - it's like having an assistant in your pocket! All from your mobile, accessible and visible.
internal communication

Brings order and clarity

No more company whatsapps and disorganization in your communication channels!
  • Structure your channels and forget the clutter
  • Generate your own content library
  • Give quick access to your workers

A coordinated team is an unstoppable team

Break barriers, achieve goals. Unleash the power of a coordinated team.
  • Visualize progress
  • Encourages teamwork
  • Synchronize your workers
internal communication
internal communication

All the knowledge at your fingertips

Find what you need in the blink of an eye: documents, reports and much more in a document archive.
  • Remember the context by accessing old conversations
  • Customize and access your communication channels
  • Stores content in any format

Listen, learn and improve with the suggestion box

Actively listen to your team's needs, encourage participation and implement improvements.
  • Allow your employees to suggest changes anonymously
  • Draw up action plans accordingly
  • Improving the working environment
internal communication

Your own intelligent virtual assistant

The extra help you need to achieve a good communication in your operation.
internal communication

The partner who does not rest

Facilitates and simplifies communication between HR, directors, managers and employees.
  • 24/7 support, always available!
  • Use it from any device and location

Put the satisfaction of your employees first

Conduct satisfaction surveys, actively listen and adopt improvements for a happy team.
  • Send surveys via chatbot
  • Tailor surveys to your needs and customize them to your needs
  • Saves time collecting data

The qualitative information you need

Obtain chatbot-worker conversation histories
  • Reports with context
  • Optimise data analysis
  • Make better decisions
  • Cloud-based