HR reporting and analytics

Make decisions in real time. Centralize your data in one place and download detailed reports and analysis to obtain key data and improve your hotel's strategy.

Reliable statistics for sound decisions

Collect data from your employees and track them to detect opportunities and/or shortcomings. Optimize your operational strategy and improve productivity.
clock control

Complies with the Time and Attendance Law with clocking reports

  • Reports for labor inspection
  • Transfer reports
  • Geolocation and timeliness

Salary record reports

  • Mandatory salary registration
  • Know the average salary of your operation
  • Compulsory compensation record

Reports to measure the productivity of your hotel

Discover the status of your operation with reports on performance, turnover and absenteeism.
Human Resources reports


Calculate the absenteeism rate or overtime of your employees with reports generated from clocking in or absence and vacation requests.
  • Visualize absences and vacations
  • Know the reason for your employees' absenteeism
  • Calculates the absenteeism rate based on recorded data

Turnover rate

Take a close look at your team's turnover rate and identify patterns and trends.
  • Know the turnover rate of your operations
  • Discover the reasons for rotation
  • Retain talent by adopting strategies based on the reports obtained
Turnover rate

Get to know your employees and improve their management

Get to know your employees based on reports that reflect key characteristics of your team
  • Discover demographic analytics
  • Builds a strong organization by visualizing the organizational hierarchy

Engagement, commitment and work environment

Discover the state of your operation with reports on work climate, performance evaluation and surveys.

Work climate reports

Learn the key to boosting motivation, reducing absenteeism, retaining talent and building an exceptional work environment.
  • Get to know the work environment through surveys
  • Adopts informed strategies to improve the work environment

Job performance reports

Generates insights and future plans based on detailed reports
  • Filter by employee
  • Filter by department
  • Visualize your hotel's overall labor performance