Streamline your hotel processes with flexible workflows

Make all processes flexible and automated with niikiis. From message notifications, to configuration of workflows such as shift changes, absence approvals and acknowledgements.

The most flexible formula on the market

With niikiis you can make all your processes as flexible as you like with customizable workflows and triggers.

Your workflows, your rules

Why complicate things? Configure your own workflows. Don't adapt, we adapt to you.
  • Selects a trigger to generate certain actions
  • Drag and drop, drag, connect and create your own workflows!
  • Create your own worflows with flexible and intuitive software

Get inspired with our workflow templates

Use our automated flow templates to streamline the process.
  • Performance evaluation
  • Recruitment, onboarding and offboarding
  • Absence requests

Organize your operations at a glance

Preview the status of your workflows and track their status.
  • Pending or completed tasks
  • Reminders with due dates
  • Summaries of flow statements in each profile

Assign workflows

Decide which workers are involved in your flows, and assign them flexibly.
  • Selects workers on an individual basis
  • Select by groups or even the entire operation
  • Select by department

Improve your employees' experience

From welcome notifications to vacation approvals, make every step more efficient and satisfying for your workers.
  • Communicate events, pending tasks, approvals and news.
  • Streamline document management through e-Signatures
  • Send notifications to your frontline workers via Chatbot or email