Connect your team and automate processes with our Chatbot

Save time and improve the experience of your front-line workers with our intelligent and configurable Chatbot. Send everything from reminders to documents, surveys or alerts.
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Do you know how much time you would save daily with our Chatbot?

Improve productivity with Artificial Intelligence. Our intelligent virtual assistant accompanies the worker at all times. From the onboarding process to shift reminders, notifications of important dates such as risk training and work climate surveys.

Do more, in less time

niikiis Chatbot is your ally in your operation. It allows you to automate all those routine tasks so you can save time and focus on what really matters.
  • Boost operational efficiency by automating processes
  • Sends automatic messages, reminders, surveys and documents
  • 100% configurable - choose your functions and your look and feel!

The chatbot that brings you closer to your team

Don't use the Chatbot exclusively to automate processes, do it also to avoid disengagement of frontline workers and to increase their engagement and sense of belonging.
  • Inform your team of any new developments
  • Receive notifications every time there is a new publication on the social network wall.
  • Send work environment surveys

A Chatbot that adapts to the culture of your operation

Design your Chatbot with the style that best suits your brand, within the options we provide, so that it can maintain a homogeneous culture and convey the values of your operation.

Customize the Chatbot to your liking

Let our Chatbot communicate naturally with your employees, performing the tasks you would do, but for you! Configure its functions and appearance.
  • Choose your avatar, we have different designs and colors to suit the corporate style of your hotel!
  • Configure the Chatbot to perform the functions you want it to perform
  • Improve the Onboarding process