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5 ways to automate your organization’s processes

In 2020, COVID-19, alongside technology, has been speeding up automation at a pace never seen before. The future of work is being reinvented and will continue to be so over the next decade. In light of this, one thing is certain: as we enter the new normal, digital is going...
Automate is the future for all the industries. In this post we show you how to perform a smooth transition into automation within your company read more

Doing a successful HR digital transformation

The profound world of work disruption brought on by COVID-19 in 2020 obliged companies worldwide to navigate uncharted waters in very uncertain times, drastically changing their ways of working and their workplaces by continuously adopting technology that allows them to react fast enough to the current developments. During the pandemic,...
What are the key facts when your start a HR digital transformation? Have a look at the best practices you must take into account for going digital read more

How to build an Agile organization in 2020

What is the AGILE methodology Facing climbing pressure to cut costs, restore employee productivity, deliver on employee experience, and execute the right policies and practices for their employees, core company functions must rethink their strategy. Employee journeys and the way people contact and interact with each other have drastically changed,...
How to build an AGILE company in 2020? How can efficient HR help you to do that? Check what you need to know about AGILE in 2020 and beyond read more
The Keys of Onboarding Remotely

3 Key Considerations Before Starting Onboarding Remotely

The pandemic has had a profound impact on the world of work in 2020, disrupting it in multiple ways. With most of the world operating remotely in virtual offices, we are now facing new challenges, such as the need to onboard new hires remotely and reboard the existing workforce. Follow...
Discover the main keys that you have to take into account before starting onboarding. Get in and read our post to figure it out. read more
How to start Microlearning onboarding

How to develop microlearning

Microlearning is booming in the e-learning world. In short, one can define it as a modern approach to workplace learning that designs and delivers small pieces of information structured in brief modules to be consumed in a few minutes a day. Benefits of microlearning-based training Research shows that providing e-learning...
If you are wondering how can you develope microlearning and which are its benefits, it's time to get in and discover it by yourself. read more
Key Elements to achieve a Great Company Culture

Elements for a great company culture

The times are a-changin. Covid-19 pandemic has transformed countless sectors worldwide, introducing us to unusual ways of doing business and working. It is undoubtedly the turning point for many future-of-work-related items. According to Gartner’s recent research, topics like remote work, digital transformation, employee experience, workforce health and well-being, data security,...
Create a great company culture is the key to have the best work environment. Discover all the benefits reading our new post. read more
Promote a Team Culture

How to promote a culture of connection in a digital-disconnected workforce

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all connect and communicate. Since the lockdown started, telecommunications have increased exponentially not only in the private sphere but also in business with a significant boom of calls and videoconferences. Nonetheless, the work-from-home shift also caused an emotional employee burnout, especially in virtual environments...
It's necessary to promote a culture of connection in a digital-disconnected workforce by applying the 5 C's of onboarding. Read our post to find out how. read more
Reboard your Employees

Are you ready to reboard your employees?

Into the post-pandemic world of work The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted and reinvented the world of work as we knew it, increasing the need for seamless communication, trust, and empathy between companies and employees. For many of us, working from home became a new reality, whereas others had no option...
Are you prepared for the post-pandemic world of work? Now it's time to learn lessons from this new reality and be prepared for a new HR era. Find out more! read more
The Future of Work

Has the Future of Work officially started?

Remote work is gaining popularity As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, millions are now being forced to work from home. What’s becoming more and more noticeable is that, now we’re all adjusting to the challenges of working remotely (many of us for the first time), the changes being made...
Remote work has gain a lot of popularity due to the new era. In this post you'll find out how can you consolidate a better work-life harmony. read more
Ways to Engage Workforce

Our three top ways to engage your workforce

As we’ve talked about before, workplace engagement is too low for comfort. Here, we’ve included the three key areas you need to focus on, to get your employees’ heads back in the game. 1. Personal development Take training, for example. We know this is an essential ingredient for employee engagement. 87%...
Discover the three ways to engage your workforce and the benefits of our HR software. Personal development, communication and connections. Check it out! read more

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