Help your employees do their job better

Your people are the heart and soul of your company.
niikiis encourages engagement at all levels of your
organization, providing faster onboarding, continuous
learning, and seamless communication across the workplace.



Create memorable and personalized onboarding journeys.

Automate tasks with our UX-friendly interface and create company-specific libraries of contextualized content with just a push of a button.



Interact with your new hire even before day 1.

Send personalized messages, encourage informal communication between employee and buddy/supervisor, and embed continuous feedback culture through conducting surveys, running check-in meetings and recognizing people.



Track employee progress.

Visualize your customized dashboard, identify talent & use insights to build and support personalized learning journeys.



Get niikiis on any device in seconds.

Simply create an account, import new hire contact details and launch an onboarding path.

"Microlearning is a viable, effective and efficient way of learning"

Prof. Steven Poelmans, NeuroLab

“With niikiis we onboard our project faster and keep our workforce up to speed anytime, anyplace and on any device. The tool is intuitive, modern, and cost-effective. If you want to increase the productivity and the engagement of your team, niikiis is the solution.”

General Manager at Legrand Spain

Case studies

How can the retail, consumer and specialised goods industry benefit from an onboarding platform like ours? The answer: To improve time to productivity.

  • Boost training engagement, retention and absorption through video-based microlearning and a diverse range of content.

  • Deploy new or updated existing products and services faster, onboard new channel partners, and keep existing partners in the loop of all of your exciting key developments.

  • Centralized peer- or SME-generated content provides seamless relevant knowledge sharing and enables a consistent onboarding experience.

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Why do HR departments use our platform? The answer: To save time and money.

  • Reduce travel costs, classroom training costs, time spent on admin tasks and more.

  • Reduce hiring costs by improving employee turnover, thanks to a great onboarding experience.

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Onboarding made simple. 


While most struggle to find time to digest an overwhelming amount of new knowledge, niikiis enables effective & faster onboarding: keeping the workforce up to speed on guidelines, procedures, products, and services, and ultimately helping organizations stay competitive in today’s ever-changing business environment. niikiis’ cost-effective and easy-to-digest onboarding platform helps turn new starters into confident, knowledgeable and motivated employees.

niikiis saves you time and money while helping your employees do their jobs better.
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