Core HR

Give employees the gift of efficiency

People Directory

We go beyond the basic

Centralize employee information and records in one place. Designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Document Management

Getting your files in order

Managers can capture relevant employee documents and content in employee profiles. Document management can save you time and money as the volume of documents to store can be substantial and the costs associated with those documents is even more significant!

Employee Profile

Building powerful connections

Dive deeper into individual employee profiles to learn more about the people you’re working with.

Organizational Charts

Keeping your team in sync

Our dynamic org charts are a great depiction of your company, all the info you need to know about a team or department at a glance.


Employees are your customers too

Onboarding made simple! niikiis’ easy-to-digest onboarding tool helps turn new starters into confident, knowledgeable and motivated employees. Set up Onboarding paths for each one of your new hires, quickly, easy and effectively by automating the entire process, incl. surveys and regular check-ins to reduce time spent on routine admin work.

Rewards & Recognition

Nothing better than a thank you!

Positively rewarding and recognizing employees, keeps them engaged and productive. Celebrate anniversaries, give kudos, or craft thoughtful work anniversary video messages… the benefits of these meaningful forms of recognition very much outweigh the effort!

Time Tracking

Keep all your data and dots connected

Working from home or on the go, employees enter their hours with niikiis fully integrated Time reporting and management tool. Employees can Clock in and out directly using niikiis platform. Supervisors can confirm or review work hours of employee, a team or by location.

Absence Management

Grow without the growing paints

Employees request leave and other types of absences easily through niikiis. Calendar Scheduling tool, and managers can quickly approve requests with just one click!

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