Frequently Asked Questions

About niikiis

What is niikiis?

niikiis is an intuitive employee onboarding platform that allows you to manage a multitude of onboarding processes using ongoing learning, constant communication between company-employee, and collaboration at a company level. Besides that, niikiis is also the name we have given to the 3-minute bite-sized videos users can create and watch using the niikiis’ authoring tool.

What does niikiis stand for?

Send your best guess to or get in touch with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Who uses niikiis?

niikiis has been uniquely designed for HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, and Marketing & Communications professionals that are currently struggling with low engagement, high turnover, how to automate onboarding processes, and how to reach and train a geographically distributed workforce via mobile devices.

What kind of training programs does the niikiis platform allow?

You can use the niikiis platform as a standalone training tool, or combine it with other face-to-face training courses you might already be using in your organization to improve employee learning experiences. The niikiis platform is particularly useful in fields such as:

Pre-boarding and Onboarding processes

Reskilling and Upskilling programs (e.g. Crossboarding)

Compliance, Policies, Regulatory training

Product and Sales training

Customer Service guidelines

Soft skills, such as Coaching, Leadership, and Communication

In-demand topics, such as digital transformation, agile, machine learning, design thinking, and artificial intelligence

Increasing Engagement through functions such as team meetings, team building, alumni/non-profit member meetings, internal updates

What are the different types of user roles and what are they for?

The niikiis platform organizes user roles into 4 categories: User, Author, HR, and Admin.

User: a basic type of license where the user can use all the functionalities of the niikiis platform at a front-end level, except for creating content.

(e.g. a User license is best used for an employee that does not want or need to create content)

Author: a basic type of license where the user can use all the functionalities of the niikiis platform at a front-end level and also create content.

HR: an advanced type of license where the user can use all the functionalities of the niikiis platform at a front-end, and use the administration panel level, except for carrying out any admin-specific tasks.

Admin: an advanced type of license where the user can use all the functionalities of the niikiis platform at a front-end, and the administration panel level to create, invite, activate and deactivate users.

What are the benefits of using niikiis?

  • Provide new hires and internal movers with a more engaging onboarding experience
  • Manage onboarding processes anytime, anywhere
  • Inspire a culture of continuous learning
  • Handle a variety of different onboarding processes more efficiently
  • Easily collect, track and report learning results
  • Decrease employee time-to-productivity

Is niikiis free?

You can use niikiis for free signing up to either an Individual or a Biz Basic account. With a Biz Basic account, you will be able to try niikiis at a professional level and also invite up to 19 users to help you explore and gather feedback on the platform, and the employee experience it provides.


What are the main features of the niikiis platform?

The main features include an authoring tool designed to easily create and/or watch 3-minute bite-sized videos to acquire new skills, an automated chatbot to promote two-way communication between company-employee throughout their entire onboarding process, and a multitude of themed channels/groups to help you interact with your peers at a company level.

niikiis’ Authoring Tool

How can I create a niikiis (a 3-minute bite-sized video)?

First, click the ‘+’ button. Enter a title and a context, but remember to be concise. Write the main ideas and the highlights to be shown on each slide. Enter a question for the final quiz, the answers, and the accompanying explanations. Select if the answers provided are either true or false (remember you can only select two true answers). Add a reflection and the highlights to be shown on the reflection slide. Select an avatar and click the “Make the magic” button. Watch the video preview, and last but not least, select a channel, add informative tags, and click the “Publish” button. 

How many characters do the niikiis’ authoring tool text features allow?

Title: up to 70 characters

Context: up to 700 characters

Idea: up to 400 characters

Highlights: up to 200 characters

Question: up to 150 characters

Answer: up to 100 characters

Reflection: up to 500 characters

Highlights: up to 300 characters

What kind of characters can I use while uploading text to the niikiis’ Authoring Tool?

When writing in an audio field of the niikiis’ Authoring Tool, such as an idea or a reflection, consider how you would like your avatar to read that particular piece of audio, and then write the text as you would like it to be read. Remember that if you add any special characters to audio fields, your avatar will read them out just as they are written.

Who can create and publish content?

Anyone who has been previously assigned with Author, HR, or Admin roles can create and publish content. We can support you with the digitization of content assets in the Biz Premium and Biz Enterprise solutions.

Who owns the published content?

Your organization is responsible both for providing and creating content, and for the ownership of any content created.

What is a learning path?

A learning path is a selection of microlearning assets that helps learners progress their development journey, or master a specific subject/field when following a structured training program.


What is gamification?

Gamification is the application of rules and other elements of game-design, within non-game contexts. It is most commonly used to improve user engagement, helping users stay motivated throughout their learning journey.

How can I earn coins?

The niikiis platform incentivises collaborative learning through allowing users to collect reward coins every day. This is the current rewards structure of the niikiis app:

1 coin for watching a niikiis until the end

2 coins for answering correctly to a niikiis’ final quiz

4 coins for creating a new niikiis

What can I do with the coins I earn?

The more reward coins you collect, the better you will score in the niikiis global ranking. In business accounts, please consult your HR department to learn the specific program in place to redeem your reward coins. 


What is an onboarding path?

An onboarding path is the support provided throughout the whole employee journey, from the day a candidate is selected to join a new company, and including all the communication and actions carried out during the time an employee is with the company.

The onboarding path consists of a number of notable moments in the employee journey, such as the first communication with the selected applicant, the first day at work, the first one-to-one with the direct manager, the first full performance review, other relevant activities of the onboarding process, the employee’s birthday, training courses, team building events, information on the company, etc.

Can I set up different pre-onboarding, onboarding, and cross-boarding groups?

Of course, you can. The niikiis app allows you to easily organize different groups by department, region, function, level, or language. Setting up different groups will ensure that only the right people will access the right information at the proper time.


Can the niikiis solution be integrated with other platforms?

Absolutely. niikiis is fully plug-and-play, so there’s no need for complicated integrations.


Where can I find niikiis tutorials?

You can find some tutorials on our YouTube channel, we have several resources available to help you get started with niikiis.


Is niikiis an LMS (Learning Management System)

niikiis is much more than an LMS. It is a SaaS platform built to support employees during their pre-onboarding, onboarding, and cross-boarding journeys. You can use it alongside other existing LMS’, HR systems, and training courses.

Which languages does niikiis support?

At the moment, the niikiis platform supports 29 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English (AU, GB, IN, US, Welsh), French, French Canadian, Hindi, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian, European), Romanian, Russian, Spanish (European, Mexican, US), Swedish, Turkish, Welsh.

Does the niikiis platform foster collaboration and social learning?

Sure it does. The niikiis platform was not only built to make HR administrative tasks easier and faster, decreasing their cost, but also to promote the growth of relationships and human connection in the workplace.

How does the niikiis platform differ from other learning tools?

The niikiis platform provides learning on the go, at any time, place or device. We focus on the employee journey, especially in regards to learning, training and engagement, during which we apply neuroscience methods. These scientific methods help users improve their learning or training by watching small pieces of content, thinking about them, applying the main insights to a real situation, and by sharing knowledge with their wider community. 

What is the pricing model for the niikiis platform?

The niikiis platform provides a SaaS solution based on the number of users. For further details, send us an email to or visit our pricing page to see which features are available on each plan:

How can I contact the niikiis support team?

If you are interested in our solution, have questions regarding the use of the niikiis platform, or run into any issues while using it, you can send us an email to

How can I cancel my niikiis account?

If you wish to cancel your account at any time, please email our customer support team at If you have a business account, you will need to be the administrator of the account in order to send us a cancelation request.

Does niikiis have a refund policy?

niikiis’ Biz Basic account is an unlimited free subscription, which means you will not be charged for using it. On the other hand, niikiis’ paid subscriptions such as Biz Premium and Biz Enterprise accounts are non-refundable. If you decide to cancel any of those subscriptions, you will only be able to use your account until the end of the current billing cycle; cancellation fees might be applicable as per the terms of use.