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Legrand & niikiis – Driving productivity and boosting sales (Demo)

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productivity and boosting sales


With niikiis, Legrand was able to substantially increase employee engagement. It also aims to sell more products from now on.


Legrand is the worldwide specialist in electrical and advanced foundations that offers high-value-added products and solutions for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. With more than 38,000 employees, it operates in nearly 90 countries and has registered total sales close to €6 billion in 2018. Legrand has quite an extensive catalog of over 300,000 products related to electrical and digital infrastructures in buildings.


  1. Legrand’s commercial team experienced difficulties in successfully setting up and carrying out product training, especially in retaining large amounts of information on its extensive product portfolio and in having quick access to product data.
  2. Legrand’s HR department had adopted old procedures in what comes to onboarding and training that prevent them from measuring results, optimizing performance and, ultimately, fostering employee engagement.


niikiis is the all-in-one AI-driven learning and communication platform to effectively drive workforce engagement and productivity to sustain business growth in the long-term through:

  • video creation (crucial for learning and training);
  • a bidirectional chatbot (essential for regular onboarding guidance);
  • and through peers/managers collaboration and ongoing feedback (decisive for employee engagement and satisfaction).


With niikiis, Legrand was able:

  1. to reinforce and complement the product training of its commercial team, reducing the time that it takes to answer new FAQs and overall costs;
  2. to measure performance through niikiis’ analytics (e.g. to know if employees watched niikiis’ videos till the end and answered correctly to the quizzes);
  3. to digitize its business using a modern platform to carry out successfully an ongoing onboarding, improve brand identity and learning processes (conducting individual follow-ups on a platform that is accessible via mobile devices and allows users to search for specific content).


Improve its Customer Service and customer relationships to remain leader in its industry.


“With niikiis we onboard our project faster and keep our workforce up to speed anytime, anyplace and on any device. The tool is intuitive, modern, and cost-effective. If you want to increase the productivity and the engagement of your team, niikiis is the solution.” Pascal Decons (General Manager at Legrand Spain)

If you would like to improve your workforce engagement, boost its productivity, increase sales or reduce your current staff turnover, just visit our pricing section and choose the plan option that meets your needs.

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