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Technology, talent and people analytics: The keys to transforming HR

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HR softwares like niikiis, are making a huge difference in today’s HR departments. Represent the opportunity to make quick, data-driven decisions and become more strategic, aligning business goals with HR needs. In this article, we review the potential of implementing technology to the HR area and 10 key aspects to consider:
  1. Employer branding. One of the first steps to attract and retain talent is the creation of an employer branding strategy. With an Applicant Tracking System or ATS, the HR department will analyze the most relevant indicators, guiding the strategy to maximize results.
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  1. Recruitment. The use of technology in the selection process facilitates tracking of key metrics such as turnover %. The automation of certain tasks will help transform the HR department into a much more strategic area. In addition, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), businesses avoid biases in hiring and will be able to create predictive behavioral models through data analysis.
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  1. Onboarding or welcome plan. According to a study carried out by “People Fluent Research” 25% of the resignations happen in the first 45 days. Therefore, it is essential to create a good welcome plan and assess its effectiveness as well as the satisfaction of the new employee in the organization. One of the keys to a successful onboarding process process is to incorporate an intuitive communication tool where the new team member can find answers to the most common questions for any beginner.
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  1. Training and development. Micro-learning has revolutionized the area of training and development. Today, the employees are the main protagonists in their professional development and therefore companies need to make it easy and effective. It is possible to see the most successful training courses in “one-click”, get feedback from employees and set action plans to adapt the education strategy.
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  1. Engagement. It is not easy to carry out a remote engagement program, but it is possible thanks to the participation of the employees in the decision-making process. When it comes to creating policies, people are at the center of the HR strategy. To achieve this, we have digital tools that allow us to know what employees think, feel, and want.
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  1. Equality, diversity, and inclusion. Another key aspect in the HR department is the area of compensation and benefits. Analyzing data transparently allows businesses to be aware of internal equity and offer salaries in line with internal policies. In addition, HR management software can analyze potential discrepancies based on gender, origin, or age.
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  1. Mental health. A study was recently published stating that 47% of the population will suffer from mental health problems caused by the pandemic. In other words, it could be that approximately half of the people in an organization are suffering from psychological problems, stress, lack of concentration, or demotivation due to Covid-19. HR departments are creating specific mental health programs together with psychologists, mindfulness, and nutrition professionals to improve the well-being of the employees.
  1. Leadership. One of the first steps in creating a successful leadership program is to assess the management’s leadership style. To do this, the company can use a 360° assessment model as a starting point for the program. Ideally, this process should be digitized and automated so that development can be monitored. In addition, artificial intelligence will guide leaders and make recommendations based on their interests.
Performance Management
  1. Feedback. We have evolved from the performance evaluation models created in the 1970s to models that are flexible and adapted to the current situation. Today, three aspects prevail: immediacy, digitalization, and data analysis. HR software enables the efficiency required in a VUCA environment.
Employees satisfaction survey 2021
  1. Reporting. Extracting data simply and visually will help to bring value and agility to HR departments. It is about being able to analyze data in real-time locally or globally. The key is to be able to make predictive statistical analysis to make the right decisions.
Absenteeism at work
In conclusion, technology has transformed the area of HR management, allowing the department to evolve into a strategic area of the business.
“By helping us to be more productive, technology allows us to spend less time on survival and more on solving other challenges.” - Bill Gates.

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