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Remote team wellness: 5 initiatives to implement in companies

Team wellness initiatives
In this post we will see 5 initiatives you can implement in your company to get the best of your workers
Covid-19 has transformed the way we work and the way we are in the world. Many people’s priorities are no longer what they used to be and well-being is a major concern for teams. In addition, there is the difficulty of developing remote wellness plans.

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How to improve the wellness of a remote working team?

One of the first steps in creating an employee wellness program in an organization is to involve the different teams in the company in its creation. It is about developing policies that put people at the center of the strategy. In this article, we share 5 initiatives that can contribute to developing remote wellness plans this 2021:
  1. Socializing beyond work meetings. The feeling of loneliness is a common factor in times of pandemic. One of the aspects that should be included in the wellness program of workers is how to maintain social relationships beyond work meetings. How to give mental support in a virtual space. This can be done by creating moments similar to those we used to share in the office.
“For example, we could organize breakfasts, thematic events, online celebrations or set up an internal chat.”

According to the Spain 2020 Report, carried out by José María Martín Patino, Chair of Meeting Culture, loneliness in Spain is growing by 50%.

“The covid-19 "has put image and voice to another more silent disease that has been with us for years and that continues to grow: loneliness.” - This is what Agustín Blanco, Director of the chair and Coordinator of the report, says.
  1. Respecting the right to disconnect. Remote working has made the line between work time and free time increasingly thin. Check out about the right to disconnection in this other post.
  2. Share information and create a channel for questions. Organizing project and business unit information in an intuitive way will be of vital importance in remote work environments. In addition, having an intranet with the most relevant information for employees will streamline the people department’s processes inside or outside the office. It is also very useful to work with chatbots that answer the most common questions of the team.
  3. Encourage individual and team meetings. The pandemic has created a major challenge for managers: learning to lead remotely. Now more than ever, the people in charge of teams must hold regular virtual meetings and take the maximum care in the way they are carried out. Having tools that facilitate the management and scheduling of these virtual meetings will be key in employee management.
  4. Taking care of body and mind. One of the best keys to separate work at home from personal life is to create an appropriate environment for it. It is advisable to have the right furniture and tools to make our day-to-day life easier. In addition, it is essential to create programs that help the team to take care of body and mind. To do this, the company can organize mindfulness workshops , yoga or online pilates. You can offer a virtual space for mental support for your employees, outside the office, and you will both benefit of the initiative. Remember that employee well-being is clue for: • Reducing employee turnover. • Improve your employer branding
In short, it is all about putting yourself in the team’s shoes and understanding their needs. Working on trust and communication will be key to the success of the well-being of the people in a company.
In the words of Robert Gately, "effective communication begins with listening.”
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