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How to identify employees on alert for psychosocial risk?

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What is psychosocial risk?

They are those risks associated with working activity that, due to an imbalance in it, can generate: overload, excessive working hours, boring tasks, among others, which is why a negative work environment is generated causing physical, mental and emotional health impairment of the employees.

How does it manifest itself in employees?

When a psychosocial risk materializes, the deterioration of the employee’s health is evidenced in:

– Pain in different parts of the body, especially head, stomach and weakness in the extremities.

– Mental, generating a loss of the ability to reason.

– Emotional, the motivation with which the employees carry out the assigned tasks or challenges is not the same.

When any of the above manifestations occurs, it is important to recognize that the quality of teamwork is also put at risk, which is why it is very important to always be alert and vigilant in the face of changes in employee behavior.

Characteristics of employees at psychosocial risk:

– Increase in absence from work due to medical visits

– Continuous manifestations of deterioration in health

– Inopportune delivery of assigned tasks

– Pessimistic attitude towards the assigned challenges

– Isolation of the work team

– Signs of anxiety and depression

– Permanent complaints to the human resources department

Muestras estrés laboral:

Additionally, it is relevant to review some other factors identified in the N-035, which you can find in the following link: What is Standard 035: everything you need to know |®.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that the health of the employee is the health of the company and with niikiis you have different modules from where you can properly manage this issue, preventing the materialization of this risk. For example, with the calendar module you can observe the number of casualties or disabilities of your employees. Moreover, through the survey module you can review the work environment of your company. Finally, through the module performance evaluation, you will be able to give feedback to your collaborators on their evolution in the company and identify which of them present difficulties in reaching their objectives.

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