Plans and coordinates shifts and work schedules.

Keep real-time control of your shifts. Easily organize and manage schedules by work centers, departments and teams with niikiis.

Simplify shift management - no absences, no hassle!

Digitize your hotel's shift management with a business management software for frontline workers. Everything under control!

Configure work shifts

Create your own rules and assign schedules to teams and departments
  • Assigns and configures shifts
  • Synchronizes with time control and breaks
  • Easily allocate by positions and departments
Calendar for your shift management at niikiis

Visualize shifts with a smart calendar

Take control of your team's or your organization's shifts thanks to our calendar.
  • Stay in control with clear visualization of your team's shifts
  • Avoid mistakes and abstentionism
  • Schedules working hours based on hours already worked

Modify shifts instantly

Modify your shifts with total freedom - your management, your control!
  • Plan rotating shifts
  • Optimise your recruitment times
  • Reorganises and modifies shifts according to incidents
Modify shifts quickly in niikiis
Detect gaps of contributors in niikiis

Detects gaps, avoids errors

Make time schedules according to your needs.
  • Controls sick leave and contingencies
  • Avoid overlapping absences. Continuous and complete scheduling
  • Ensures coverage by assigning workers to unoccupied shifts

Manage shift changes with a click of a button

Easily request, approve and reject shift changes from your cell phone
  • Specify the desired change
  • Detects and avoids overlapping schedules among workers
  • Records the justification for the change and attaches documents
manage shift changes at niikiis