The expense management your hotel needs, from the app!

With the niikiis app, your frontline workers can upload their receipts and invoices from their mobile devices, streamlining the approval of expenses such as meals, travel and more.

Say goodbye to chaos and centralize your expenses in one single software

Save time calculating and recording expenses in Excel. With niikiis, review and manage your team's tickets in seconds.

No hassle: Approve and send

Your employees register their expenses in the niikiis app and supervisors or managers approve and pay them easily.
  • Simplify expense management for your front-line workers
  • Approve expenses quickly and smoothly, directly from the platform.
  • Makes accurate and expeditious payments of approved expenditures
creation of tickets for expense management in niikiis
configures expenditure approval flows in niikiis

Configure expenditure approval flows

Decide who handles the expense management of your hotel.
  • Assigns responsible parties to manage the approval of the expenditure
  • Preview task status
  • Configure customizable approval notifications

Visualize each employee's expenses

Access each employee's expenses from their own profile in the niikiis app.
  • Visualize each employee's expenses from the cell phone
  • Create folders to be more efficient
  • Classify with tags
Stores tickets in the contributor's profile on niikiis
estimates expenses by generating automatic reports in niikiis

Estimate expenses by generating automatic reports

Plan and review the expense management of your operation through reports and analytics.
  • Create charts with expense categories
  • Select the department or user group
  • Export data to Excel