Performance assessment software

Transform and manage your performance appraisal with a tool that boosts performance

Performance evaluation

Highlight the potential of your teams with real-time decision making: evaluate when you want and how you want. Foster a culture of continuous feedback.
  • Criteria: by objectives, competencies and feedback
  • Models: 360º, 180º or 90º evaluation, self-evaluations...
Management of evaluations in niikiis

Evaluation by objectives

Implement goal tracking in our performance appraisal software
  • Create SMART objectives
  • Set the periods according to your needs
  • Categorise by personal, team and company objectives.

Set your KPIs for monitoring

Monitor progress by establishing metrics for your objectives in a single performance evaluation software.
  • Visualises the evolution of past and current periods
  • Update the indicators when and how you want
  • Analyse skills gaps and create career plans accordingly.
create a new target in niikiis
Competence assessment in niikiis

Competency-based assessment

Discover the profiles of the most skilled employees by identifying their strengths and find areas for improvement.
  • Define job categories and required levels
  • Establish metrics and periods
  • Compares evaluations with comments
  • Visualise areas for improvement with spider graphs

Turn your strategies around

Find areas of improvement for your employees by conducting a competency-based performance appraisal.
  • Improve and create new training programmes
  • Recruit staff with key competencies
  • Enhances collaboration between members with different profiles
spider graphic in niikiis
Talent Matrix 9 Box niikiis

Visualising talent with the 9 Box matrix

Visually identify the key talent in your organisation
  • Based on objective or competency-based assessments
  • Real-time update
  • Compares potential with performance

Evaluation by feedback

Collect the feedback with surveys your organisation needs
  • Feedback 360º, 180º, 90º...
  • Get inspired by our templates
  • Configurable: anonymous or public, mandatory or optional answers...
  • Export results and generate your own graphs
Feedback evaluation at niikiis
Performance evaluation feedback survey 360 niikiis

Real-time monitoring

All development data constantly updated
  • Centralised and secure information
  • Preview of the status of evaluations
  • Decisions based on qualitative and quantitative data