HR Reporting and Analytics

Make real-time decisions with a dashboard that helps you evaluate and report on HR metrics.

HR Reporting and Analytics

Collect and follow up on your workforce data to identify opportunities and/or gaps. Optimise your strategies and improve productivity.
Salaries by gender equality plan

Dashboard for HR Reporting with KPIs.

All your human resources reports in one dashboard
  • Real-time data just a click away
  • Automatic export to Excel
  • Generate reports tailored to your needs
  • Synched to all your processes: performance evaluation, recruitment...

Dynamic reporting with KPIs and analytics per area

Obtain human resources indicators and measure the effectiveness of your operations.
Absenteeism in niikiis


Calculate the absenteeism rate or overtime of your employees with reports generated from clocking in or absence and holiday requests.
  • Track employee clock-in and out
  • Avoid employee burnout
  • Spot disparities

Performance evaluation

Generate reports with graphs that show the evolution and performance of your employees.
  • 9-Box grid
  • Spider diagram
  • By competences or skills
Performance evaluation reports with HR indicators.
dashboards at niikiis

Administration and management

Improve your people management with reports that reflect the characteristics of your organisation.
  • Complies with Equality Plan (Spain)
  • Demographic analytics
  • Organisational hierarchy

Work climate

Get human resources reports that reflect your company's working environment.
  • Evolution of the working environment
  • Results of satisfaction surveys
  • Follow-up NOM 035 (Mexico)
mood monitoring in niikiis
Analytics reports for payroll management from niikiis HR software.

Human resources audits

Change history reports for your annual audits
  • GDPR and consents
  • Payroll management
  • Departures and absences