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LMS & Authoring Tool

A perfect match: Micro-Learning and a Fast-paced culture

Micro-learning is a solution that busy employees will appreciate because it is not as disruptive as a day of training or even an hour or two of eLearning.

Human memory can only hold up to five new pieces of information before it gets lost or overwritten. With niikiis authoring tool, employees knowledge and retention level has a greater likelihood of transferring from short-term to long-term memory. Micro-learning enables employees to quickly close a small knowledge or skill gap.

niikiis authoring tool enables you to create 3-minute bite-sized training videos. Structured by a Title, Context, a Reflection and a Quiz all embraced by niik our avatar and virtual assistant, Managers, trainers or employees that would like to share relevant content will be able to make magic! with this tool. Publish your formative/informative capsules simply in niikiis Channels by topic with tags for easy access. 

Create specific libraries of contextualized content with just a push of a button. Your business will experience immediate results as our, soon yours, effectiveness at transferring and embedding knowledge is incomparable!

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