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5-step mental health guide for workplaces

Mental health, the key to a company's value proposal

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The mental health of employees should be a priority for companies. The WHO recently noted that 60% of the world’s population affected by Covid-19 are suffering from pandemic fatigue. This term refers to the demotivation and fatigue generated by the pandemic. In this article we will talk about the initiatives that a company can immediately implement so as to drastically improve the team’s mental health, proposing 5 support initiatives that can be easily implemented in any company.

1. Psychological care

The moment the pandemic began, the demand for treatment for anxiety and depression has increased significantly. In response to this situation, some companies decided to incorporate a psychological care service into their wellness plan. In addition, they have also opted to create yoga or mindfulness programs for employees to reduce stress, improve concentration and increase the mental resilience of their employees.
“This requires an adaptation syndrome, which can go through many different stages, such as anhedonia or lack of vital sense and enjoyment of life's pleasures, fear or panic of suffering from the coronavirus, obsessive-compulsive disorders and somatization of all this stress in the form of pain of different types.” - Laura Quijano, a psycologist at Asociación Nosotras Mismas.

2. Promotion of physical exercise

One of most the fundamental factors in reducing stress problems and increasing employee well-being is fitness. For this reason, many organizations offer a physical wellness plan as part of their employee value proposition. The trend is to conduct online classes with a specialist. In this way, small groups can be created and the activity can be customized according to the interests of the team.

3. Nutritional care

Creating a balance between the care of our body and mind is the perfect combination to promote well-being and increase productivity at work. One of the fashionable ways many are to improve health is to create support spaces where employees can learn how to develop a healthy diet and cook using deliciously nutritious ingredients. To do this, the company usually finds a skilled freelancer. In addition, companies create communication channels to share recipes and food tips and this creates united, like a family, stronger staff with a purpose and a feeling of belonging to the organization.

4. Social support

Loneliness brought its presence into so many lives and is a marked feature of the pandemic. Working from home, social distancing, and travel or meeting limitations have created a feeling of loneliness and isolation. Think, when was the last time you shook someone’s hands? To avoid this feeling, HR departments have created mental health dynamics to continue encouraging safe interaction between people in the company. To promote communication, well-being and interaction among the team, some support ideas are:
  • the creation of other more direct support communication channels
  • the creation of other more direct support communication channels
  • organise online group dynamics

5. Mentoring program

Professional advice from someone senior who is also part of the company will be a differentiating factor in attracting, engaging, and developing talent. Mentoring support programs for employees create an atmosphere of trust which responds to people’s concerns and psicologic problems. In addition, mentoring helps to improve employees performance, well-being, productivity and confidence.

In conclusion, this pandemic has prompted concern for the care of the people who are part of the organization. Better psychological care, physical exercise, nutritional care, social support, and mentoring programs will indefinitely be part of the value proposition of companies. In short, the key is to put people’s needs at the center of the HR strategy.
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