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5 keys for human resources digital transformation in 2021

Human resources digital transformation
Digital transformation is already a reality for many organizations and has become a necessity for medium and small businesses. Now, more than ever, companies are focusing on the digital transformation of all business areas, including HR.
"Companies have been driving their digitalization in the wake of the pandemic, and their CEOs anticipate an increase in the areas that will be affected by this process," according to the study 'CEO Outlook 2020: COVID19' published by KPMG.
In this article we explain 5 main aspects to be taken into account in the digital HR transformation processes.

What you must take into account for a human resource digital transformation

Below we describe the 5 aspects that niikiis considers essential to work on in order to carry out a correct human resources digital transformation.

Analysis of needs

Before even starting the digital transformation process, a company’s goals must be defined, specifically with an assessment of an organization’s needs starting with the HR department. This assessment within HR will help to define what is needed for the company as a whole.
"Before implementing a tool or adjusting a new way of working, it is crucial to evaluate what is really needed. Knowing the problems will allow solutions to be found on a case-by-case basis."
In the current context of the global pandemic, many companies have the same HR needs such as:
  • Remote working.
  • Work flexibility.
  • Not being able to engage as before.
  • Ways to care for the physical, mental and emotional health of their teams.
If you want to read more about employee wellbeing, talent retention and productivity, here you will find 5 tips to boost happiness at work.
It is crucial to create simple and clear objectives. In short, it is about listening to the people’s needs with an organization. To achieve this, it will be vital to encourage close, transparent, and bidirectional communication with the employees.

Evolution towards a more strategic and agile department

The digital transformation of HR helps us to speed up the day-to-day necessary procedures in people management. We are talking about how administrative tasks, with the right tools and technology, could be more agile.

Examples of these administrative tasks would be:
  • Time-tracking.
  • Vacation requests.
  • Employee absenteeism measurement.
It is about optimizing teams management and building a more efficient system with the right technology.
"Automating these processes offers us the possibility of focusing the department's resources and time on what is really important: people."

Choosing a computerized HR management system

According to the study “Accelerating the path to HR 3.0”, conducted by IBM’s Institute for Business Value, 75% of Human Resources directors worldwide indicated that cloud and data analysis will be a priority for their businesses in 2022.
"The choice of an appropriate "Human Resources Information System" will facilitate the work of the HR department."
This type of software helps us to effectively manage and analyze the team’s information.

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It simplifies matters to have all the documentation in a single system. In addition, this tool offers the option to quickly update the organizational chart and the personnel directory in no time.

Development of the talent selection area

In recent years we have witnessed a radical revolution in the area of recruitment. The candidate tracking systems help us to be much more efficient in the CV screening process and identify the right people for the job.

"Through artificial intelligence, we can preselect profiles and respond quickly to people interested in working with us."

In short, thanks to this type of software, we can offer a better candidate experience and reduce the time of the recruitment process.
This is another functionality that niikiis’ technology and services can offer to your company .

Transformation of training and development of people

Technology has also drastically changed the way we train and develop the competencies of the team. Two examples of this are seen with the “Learning Management System” and “Learning Experience Platform.”

These types of platforms help us to create career plans in an agile way in harmony with the needs within each area of a business and the professional objectives of an employee.
Micro-learnings the best solution for busy employees to share and retain information and enable to transfer knowledge from short to long term memory.

They also allow us to monitor the evolution of a team and quickly obtain a report of the training carried out as well as the level of satisfaction of the employees.

Final conclusions: change your mindset to change the way you work

In conclusion, technology gives us the opportunity to centralize and manage all the information and insights of our team in a single system. In short, it helps us to perform data analysis and make objective decisions based on the conclusions drawn.

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