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5 initiatives to improve your team's motivation at work

Success on your team engagement inside your company.

Improve team's motivation at work

Engaged teams achieve better business results than disengaged teams. This is Gallup’s conclusion this 2021, after more than 50 years of research on engagement in the workplace.

But, how can we increase employees’ motivation? There is no “one-size-fits-all” formula for all companies and all individuals. Motivation depends on multiple factors, both intrinsic and extrinsic. In this article, we share five initiatives that can help improve employee motivation:

#1. Active listening

One of the basic premises to know what motivates an employee best is to know how to actively listen to them. It is essential to dedicate quality time to learn about the interests and concerns of the people who are part of an organization. In addition, the company can create online surveys to help manage and analyze the information effectively. In this way, it will be much more agile to offer a response that meets the employees’ expectations.

One of niikiis’ solutions for engagement and communication is the survey generator.

#2. People First policies

It is about putting the person at the center of the strategy of the business. Involving the employees in the company’s major decisions will be the key to the success of the policies that are developed. The idea is to create HR policies focused on the talent that builds the organization. In this way, the company sends a clear message: people are the most important thing.
In this post we offered you 5 tips to boost productivity and happiness at work, don’t miss it!

#3. SMART objectives

SMART objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. A specific definition of the objectives to be achieved on a project will greatly help increase the development of people inside the company. Clarifying these objectives, determining deadlines, and knowing how we are going to measure them will be essential for employees to be able to develop properly at work and to boost their motivation and performance.

#4. Constant feedback

The evaluation of performance and talent is one of the great areas to be developed in terms of people management. The trend is to transform the annual performance appraisal into constant feedback. In this way, management will be able to readjust objectives and career plans to the needs of the moment. Also, an opportunity will be created to thank the employees for their work and receive feedback on the company’s leadership regularly. Workers must feel positive recognition from managers; this 2021 is all about bidirectional communication.

Feedback is key to reduce employee turnover in companies and to improve their motivation and commitment. We talked about it in this other post: 5 strategies to reduce employee turnover.

#5. Opportunities for promotion and development

Having a real career plan will be one of the great appeals of any company. For this, it is necessary to establish clear policies for professional growth. It is a very powerful way to attract and retain talent. Explaining transparently what these policies consist of will help to keep the team’s motivation high. The current trend is to create coaching or mentoring programs and to have an LMS (learning management system) or LXP (learning experience platform).

Jim Harter, Chief Scientist of Workplace Management and Well-Being at Gallup, says, “Companies have to do a better job in connecting people.” Communication will play an important role in the success of these initiatives. Ultimately, employee engagement is a matter for all business areas, not just HR.

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