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5 keys to increase employer brand visibility in the tech industry

5 claves para visibilizar la marca empleadora en el entorno tecnológico

Seducing, attracting and engaging talent in the tech industry is one of the great challenges facing people management professionals today. It is a goal to achieve for any organization, regardless of the sector, but it represents an added challenge for technology companies. Turnover tends to be higher compared to other sectors and the struggle to find these profiles is constant. In this article we share the five main aspects of the employer brand that make talent fall in love with a technological project and want to be part of its culture:

1- Lean management and agile teams

Lean management is one of the most advanced methodologies in business management. It is a process of continuous improvement that aims to eliminate everything that is unproductive. It brings multiple benefits including the optimization of work teams. These are totally independent agile teams that share a common goal. In addition, this type of organizational culture encourages autonomy and responsibility of each team.  

2- Transparent leadership

Companies that are committed to leadership based on transparency bring greater value to their employer brand. To achieve this, communication and continuous feedback are constantly promoted. In fact, Eagle Hill Consulting states that receiving feedback is very important for the development of the employee and makes them feel valued. For this, there are different communication channels and recurring meetings where the achievement of each milestone or project that is carried out is shared.

3- Development and promotion opportunities

The training and development of talent is part of the attractiveness of any organization. In addition, offering a promotion and compensation system that specifies what is expected of a person at each stage of his or her evolution in the company represents an added value. To achieve this, it is essential to have three resources: a training platform, a career ladder system and a management oriented to team development, among other aspects. 

4- People First culture

If there is one thing that characterizes attractive companies, it is the creation of talent management policies focused on people. In short, it is about exporting the idea of customer experience to people experience. The most important thing is to create people management policies based on the concerns and interests of the teams that are part of the organization.

5- Innovation and long-term strategy

The improvement of processes and innovation should be a common factor in all areas of the business. The future of improving the employee experience involves creating a system that knows our team so well that it can anticipate their needs. To achieve this, it is essential to work with talent management tools that put technology at the service of people. 

In short, the key is to listen carefully to the team and to the demands of future talent in order to create the best possible employer branding strategy. It’s about incorporating the current and future needs of technology profiles into our people attraction and engagement policies. Rob Silzer and Ben E. Dowell, authors of the book Strategy-Driven Talent Management: A Leadership Imperative summarize this idea in the following sentence:

"Employers must know and understand what is important to employees and reflect this in their value proposition as a company.”

- Rob Silzer and Ben E. Dowell

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