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How to develop microlearning

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Microlearning is booming in the e-learning world. In short, one can define it as a modern approach to workplace learning that designs and delivers small pieces of information structured in brief modules to be consumed in a few minutes a day.

Benefits of microlearning-based training

Research shows that providing e-learning training in small units has plenty of benefits for employees and companies.

First, it is a very personalized way of learning since it allows learners to acquire the necessary skills at their own pace. Secondly, learners tend to find content presented in a shorter format more engaging than dense traditional courses. Lastly, learning in small units empowers employees to access the information they need whenever they want to, which will help them retain knowledge better while becoming more committed to their new company. For organizations, micro training can also be extremely beneficial since this way they can save money and time creating a repurposed type of content suitable to train all types of employees (from trainees and junior positions to busy directors). Besides, it is a very flexible way of training, in which learners can easily consume content at any time, place, and on any device, and, in tools such as niikiis, even create content resources for free.

Microlearning and onboarding, a powerful duo

New hires first need to feel comfortable and prepared so that they can carry out their new roles successfully. Let’s start by analyzing some interesting data:

Despite these not so promising statistics, do not feel discouraged. According to recent studies, offering a great onboarding experience can help employees remain in a company for at least three years.

In fact, throughout the onboarding processes, one of the organizations’ main concerns is trying to immerse their new hires into the company culture, providing them an exceptional employee experience. Providing effective micro training can play an important role here, supporting the digitization of the often-neglected content to the obsolete company’s intranet into small interesting learning units so that new hires get familiar with their new positions faster, and organizations speed up time-to-productivity.

Choosing the perfect microlearning platform for your organization

You should carefully choose a micro training platform that meets all your current e-learning needs. Before getting started, start by asking yourself: who your learners are, which will be their training context, what type of content will be more suitable for them (notice that in some cases you might need to use a blended solution with long and short formats), what kind of learning management system will better fit your organization (notice that not all LMS are micro training tools), who will be creating content, and if the solution you have selected is currently available on different devices.

Why niikiis can help you develop a microlearning platform

The niikiis app is an onboarding platform with a built-in micro training tool that allows creating effective 3-minute bite-sized video units to improve the critical skills of your workforce through curated pieces of content on a multitude of topics for free. At niikiis, we are aware every business has its particularities; therefore, our platform can be customized to meet the specific e-learning needs of your organization and create a variety of content resources. Design a 2020-winning learning strategy for your company with niikiis. Watch our tutorial videos on YouTube for tips and sign up for a free business account today.

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