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How to be a happy company: keys to work on happiness in the company

Mari Ángeles Aguilar

We interviewed María Ángeles Aguilar, Chief People Officer specialized in agility and employee experience.  

María Ángeles, welcome to the niikiis blog:

What does the concept of happiness mean to you?

Happiness can be a different concept for each person. It can mean a state of mind, a period of time when things in life align, or an emotion upon achieving a goal. It is a complicated term to define.

In your experience, what needs to be done to be a happy company from the People position? 

The first thing is to get to know the CEO, to know what moves and concerns them, what their aim and why they decided to start the company. After this analysis, the employee would have the purpose of the company clearly defined and then the employed could become better aligned with the company’s overall focus. The foundation is to know the why, the reason for being, starting with oneself. Basically, when an employee knows the “why, the how and the who” or in other words, how they contribute to the overall company then they become a contributing part of the team. 

What pillars should a company consider to offer happiness at work?

We live in an era where employee care is essential at all levels. The basis for offering happiness at work is to consider the individuals who make up the company and how they can achieve results personally as ones who are capable of moving up the ladder. This is achieved by empowering them with confidence and autonomy while keeping things transparent so that they have everything needed to do their job well. 

Staff happiness is the key element in improving productivity and performance. This state of mind promotes and stimulates greater commitment at work. 

How can we measure happiness?

Standardizing the measurement of happiness is a complicated task. Within the HR department of a company, different actions can be taken, such as organizing monthly meetings with the people in charge and the employee. In this way a relationship of trust is created and goals are established. We can also ask, on a routine basis, if they are happy in the company so as to establish a barometer. 

At BigBuy we are clear that to achieve our purpose, to be the happiest company in the world, we must work to take care of the employee. To successfully do this, we have put in place multiple benefits for employees in our organization. I would highlight the high quality of working conditions we offer thanks to the flexible working hours of the company.

Thank you very much, María Ángeles!

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