1. What is an HRIS?

HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System and allows HR activities and processes to occur electronically. HRIS is also equivalent to the acronym HCM (Human Capital Management).

2. niikiis access levels:

  • USER. Collaborator view: :
    • Consult and modify their own employee profile data (personal data, documents, hobbies, skills).
    • Search and consult the public profile of his/her colleagues or the company’s organizational chart.
    • Search and watch training content.
    • Join, leave and participate in communication channels.
    • Clock in and out (Time Tracking)
    • Request and consult Absences (Time off).
    • Participate in surveys.
    • See who is away today, who has birthday or celebrates an anniversary.
    • Experience employee journeys such as Onboarding or Performance Evaluations.
  • TEACHER. Same view as USER and can also create training content.
  • MANAGER. HR Department’s view:  
    • Register and modify collaborators data.
    • Assign access level to a collaborator.
    • Approve or reject employee time off and time tracking
    • Create analytics reports
    • Create and assign Employee Experience paths.
    • Create and assign surveys.
    • Create Communication Channels.
    • Task Manager: Add, remove, and delete absence categories and subcategories.
    • Task Manager: Add, remove, and delete public holiday calendars.
  • ADMIN. Manager view and can also personalize the platforms’ look and feel:
    • Customize logo and colors of the platform.
    • Create and assign Employee Experience Paths.
    • Create and assign tasks.
    • Create and assign surveys.
    • Add, remove, and delete absence categories and subcategories.
    • Add, remove, and delete public holiday calendars.

3. Is the company’s and employee’s information secured with niikiis?

niikiis uses cloud-based storage of data. Data is stored in our server in Europe and the US and follows local applicable laws.
  • Our platform uses the AWS Amazon cloud ecosystem with a shared responsibility model (AWS Shared Responsibility Model) in which Amazon is responsible for providing the highest level of security.
  • We use a Trust 0 model to keep your data locked at all levels, and we take multiple steps to make sure it stays that way.
  • All information is encrypted.

4. How does niikiis prevent data leaks and unauthorized access to data (hacking)?

  • Platform is audited daily through automated security processes (AWS Inspector).
  • Platform security risks are audited manually (OWASP list) and automatically (Amazon Cloud Trial).
  • Risk is monitored through the use of specific tools (InsightVM).
  • Potential vulnerabilities are assessed through code analysis.
  • Ongoing observability processes are carried out mainly through specific alerts.

5. What are the languages available in niikiis?

niikiis is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian. Any other language can be requested and implemented.

6. Does niikiis provide E-signature?

Yes, it will be available in April of 2021. We have a partnership with Signaturit.

7. What’s niikiis pricing model?

niikiis price consists of a simple monthly fee per employee. It is an all-in-one solution where there are no activation or hidden costs. Request demo to receive pricing.

8. Can I export a report?

To analyze the information in depth, niikiis enables you to export all data reports to .csv (excel) format.

9. What is an authoring tool?

An authoring tool enables you to create animated video-based instructionally designed learning content.

10. What is a niikiis?

A niikiis is a 3 to 5 minute micro-learning pill that enables employees to quickly close a small knowledge or skill gap. Structured by a Title, Context, a Reflection and a Quiz all embraced with gamification, an avatar guides the viewer through the entire presentation.

11. Can the niikiis be shared in other platforms?

Yes, niikiis can be shared on social media platforms without the need to log in to the niikiis platform.

12. Does niikiis integrate with biometric systems?

Yes, niikiis integrates with your company’s access or biometric system for the physical clock-in.

13. How do I access niikiis?

  1. Web responsive URL app.niikiis.com. Our software adapts to each display/format. The user is asked if an icon should be automatically incorporated to the desktop as a direct access to the software, making it undistinguishable from an App.
  2. App. It can be installed/uninstalled directly from the iOS (Apple) or Android (Gloogle) App Stores. Available July 2021.
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