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Engagement and Communication

The art of listening

Communication Channels

A community approach

Employees who feel their voice is heard feel empowered to perform their best work. niikiis empowers collective intelligence by keeping employees informed and engaged to perform better. We make it easy for employees to share knowledge privately or to the entire organization. niikiis will help you identify and highlight thought leaders within your organization and foster participation and engagement. comunication channels

Survey Generator

Real-time empowering

Accelerate employee performance and development in real time by accessing unbiased, timely and frequent multi-perspective feedback.
niikiis enables you to adopt a more agile approach to employee development that increases engagement and allows you to understand employee needs. With niikiis, you can easily check the well-being of employees, generate customized surveys or utilize our turnkey ENPS and Mood Tracking templates allowing you to maintain continuous conversations during the entire employee lifecycle. survey

Analytics Dashboard

From data to employee experience

niikiis advanced analytics can significantly improve real time decision making. Unlock the power of data, increase accuracy and productivity by leveraging employee data and easily interpret it via our dashboards to create tailored and actionable experiences and workflows. analytics dashboard

Intelligent Chatbot

I am niik, your virtual assistant

niikiis intelligent bi-directional chatbot provides you with new opportunities to enhance employee experience.  Hand-over tasks to niik, our virtual assistant. Centralize communication while keeping employees engaged through automated  and seamless intent-driven actions that gracefully keep communication flowing. niikiis chatbot is more than just a simple bot. Niik performs tasks and automates workflows taking employees through more complex journeys with ease. intelligent chatbot

Rewards & Recognition

Nothing better than a thank you!

Positively rewarding and recognizing employees, keeps them engaged and productive. Celebrate anniversaries, give kudos, or craft thoughtful work anniversary video messages… the benefits of these meaningful forms of recognition very much outweigh the effort! rewards and recognition
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