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Doing a successful HR digital transformation

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HR digital transformation
The profound world of work disruption brought on by COVID-19 in 2020 obliged companies worldwide to navigate uncharted waters in very uncertain times, drastically changing their ways of working and their workplaces by continuously adopting technology that allows them to react fast enough to the current developments. During the pandemic, the use of online platforms exploded exponentially not only in business contexts to facilitate organizational activities while keeping employees and customers safe and healthy but also in the private sphere. A good example is the video conferencing technology Zoom that has become very trendy over the last half-year when companies all over the world have been replacing daily face-to-face interactions with online communication as a primary response to the pandemic.

How to use digitalization to speed up business growth

As digital transformation takes over industries, organizations are recognizing the need to evolve to stay competitive in a post-crisis market. Not only can the adoption of digital technologies and analytics insights in our everyday lives support companies to provide extra value, but also change business models and improve revenue while exploring new opportunities. Even though digital transformation is often exclusively linked to technology, according to HR Review, strategy, culture, and customer experience are equally important. Digital technologies can open doors to efficiency opportunities and customer proximity; nonetheless, if companies do not have the right mindset to promote change and their practices are inadequate, Digital Transformation will only magnify their mistakes. All this to say that only by successfully implementing digitalization companies can address different areas other than Technology, for example, Customer Experience, Processes, and Business Model.

Best practices that remain valid in the new normal

As “new normal” takes shape, the way many companies conduct remote working and onboarding has changed. So did our idea of what a typical office looks or feels like. To stay relevant in a changing work landscape in 2020, companies need to learn how to apply the insights provided by dashboards and metrics to create plans of action, in which they can best outline their priorities to meet their overall business goals, as well as identify other areas of opportunity. There are beneficial management practices that may help an organization emerge from this crisis stronger than companies that go back to their old business models, namely: 1. Vision, mission & values: Organizations that have already successfully defined a clear vision and mission that support and honestly communicate purpose to all employees, and company values that guide and direct them and their culture, have the ground tools needed for a speedy recovery. 2. Cross-functional and agile departments: Digitally matured companies stand out for exemplary leadership, bold and transformative vision, as well as forward-looking and change-oriented decision making. Building agile, innovative teams helps companies to reach higher performance since these teams are given greater autonomy in decision-making, which makes them think differently from traditional departments, experiment without fear of failing, and optimize processes speed and agility. 3. Ongoing learning: Educating and re-educating employees for a specific role has become mandatory. Now that e-learning is part of the new normal, more and more people are learning new skills on the job to make sure their skills remain pertinent and competent enough throughout their careers. Besides, it allows employees to better adapt to their job role and unexpected challenges brought by external circumstances such as the health and economic crisis we are currently experiencing.

New essentials to make sure your company comes out on top

Still, organizations will need to go the extra mile and include new essentials into their business processes in 2020.

Help your team to learn new skills

Among many other things, COVID-19 accelerated the skills gap worldwide. To kick-start their economic recovery, companies now need to identify the skills gaps they are experiencing and address those problems with specific reskilling training and job role creation. Businesses should undertake responsibility for changing and educating their people, providing them with the necessary resources such as training and tools.

Do not be afraid of trying new practices

Experimentation and risk-taking should be another area on which businesses might want to consider focus. By fostering experimentation and learning at scale, companies will be able to build and maintain an open organizational culture that values co-creation and internal collaboration and is willing to share knowledge.

New times, new leader roles

Finally, leadership needs to become more flexible and adaptable. Only companies with flexible Leadership and Human Resources functions that can rapidly adapt to change and uncertainty will survive and thrive in this new work era.

Innovation, the silver lining of COVID-19

COVID-19 crisis is having an impact on most economies of the world, disrupting companies’ business models while decreasing employee engagement levels. Still, amid this abrupt disruption, companies are starting to find a silver lining, innovation. The pandemic forced organizations to change their work processes and strategies, and, ultimately, to innovate. Companies had to reinvent:
  • Their resources
  • The way their brands are presented and communicate to their public
  • The way their employees engage with one another while keep being productiv
  • The way people find information and resources, share knowledge, collaborate within an organization and positive outcomes of very challenging times.
In companies in which digital transformation is already a reality, the question is how to use their insights to keep up with the fast pace of other businesses while embracing a more sustainable digitalization.

Innovate your HR now with niikiis

Is your organization technology-ready? With niikiis, your business can take full advantage of COVID-19 disruption to finally make the switch to a different organizational structure and adopt new practices that will make you thrive in the twenty-first century. Contact us for a demo request with our experts and see how niikiis can help your organization save time and money and kick-start its recovery.
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