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Digitalizing the recruitment process: tools and indicators

Valeria Colombo

We interviewed Valeria Colombo, consultant in talent attraction and selection. She is passionate about the relationship between marketing and HR and
considers it a tool to transform and digitalize the first stages of the employee journey, selection process and onboarding plan.

Valeria, welcome to the niikiis blog:

What are the key steps to digitalize a selection process?

In the digitalization of processes there are a series of steps to follow and in selection processes it is very similar.

First, we make a good diagnosis to know exactly what we need and how far we want to go.

Second, we develop the strategy: we define objectives, establish methods, design the recruiter and candidate experience, and establish a roadmap.

The next step would be the choice of tools: ATS, task managers, communication tools with candidates and internal clients, cloud storage, etc.

At the same time, and this is my suggestion, employees must be trained. Digitalization means changing the way of working. We must make sure that the people involved are prepared for this revolution.

We can also choose some individuals from the HR to help us lead the process and train their colleagues.

Finally, we collect all the data on how the digitalized process is working and optimize it, always thinking about the experience we want to provide to all
participants in the process.


What tools do you consider key in the digitalization of the recruitment area?

I always say that less is more. There are very complete and user-friendly ATS, which integrate task managers, communication (internal and external), evaluations, metrics, reports, satisfaction surveys, etc. Centralizing information and tasks in one place helps to increase productivity.


Which metrics are most-commonly used?

This answer is complex. I can list the most-commonly used indicators but they are not always the ones that companies need. You don’t have to measure
everything, especially not if you are just starting to collect data. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much does it cost me in time/money to recruit and hire?
  • What is my coverage rate?
  • How effective are my recruiting sources?
  • What is the quality of my hires?


What would be your recommendation for a company that wants to digitalize the recruitment area?

My recommendation is to involve all employees in digitization. It is a very good opportunity to foster collaboration in the selection processes, identify possible
bottlenecks and eliminate them, and collect suggestions for improvements to optimize what is done well.

Thank you very much, Valeria!

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