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Keys to understanding, attracting, and winning over the centennial generation

Centennial Generation

Talking about generations, or the nomenclature with which we identify groups born between the specific years, it helps to understand the characteristics that certain people embrace. When it comes to talent management, it is essential to understand the needs, interests, and desires of current employees who are part of a company and its potential applicants. Hereby, we share the main characteristics of the centennial generation, and give the keys to attract this talent to the company:

  1. Centennials, also called generation Z or post-millennial generation, is the generation that follows millennials and precedes the Alpha generation. Researchers often refer to the cohort from the 1990s to the 2000s as the beginning of this generation’s birth years. The best thing an organization can do to understand, attract, and win over centennials is to ask its current employees what they value most about the company. In this sense, a basis could be established to create a collaborative talent attraction strategy.

  2. They are digital natives and share traits with millennials. This generation does not know life without a mobile device or the Internet. This determines their way of being, living, and relating in a world that is not yet 100% digital, stated by the study on the centennial generation by Deusto and Atrevia. That is why the employer branding and the digital communication of any organization acquire a very relevant role for this generation. Centennials will look for online references of what life is like in the company and will apply to one offer as opposed to another based on the opinion of the experience of employees and candidates.

  3. On their highest scale of values is health, quality of training and good family relationships. After these aspects, they value success at work, the environment, or pay.
    Below, we share some of the most relevant data from the study of the centennial generation to which we referred to earlier:

    For each of these core values, to what importance are they to you? Average rating on a scale from 1 (not important at all) to 4 (very important)
    Centennial generation values

    This data shows that offering private health insurance, a quality training program, and family conciliation policies are benefits that will make centennial talent lean towards one company or another.

  4. The choice of their future employer will be determined by the professional experience it can give them. Generation Z prioritizes learning and development over a salary. The leadership of reference for centennials is the one that makes them grow professionally, not the one marked by a hierarchy. This is why companies that offer a mentoring program to their employees differentiate themselves from their competitors. The message they transmit is clear: they are committed to the development of talent.

  5. They are characterized by being curious, capable of challenging the status quo, self-taught, and entrepreneurial. This is a generation that searches for transparency and truth in the widest sense. They are individuals who use social networks to nurture themselves and consume YouTube content for the benefit of their minds. They also positively value being entrepreneurs as a lifestyle. For example, companies like Google encourage entrepreneurship (the drive to start something, in business) as part of their corporate culture and allow their employees to dedicate a day of work to work on their own projects.
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