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21 Sep: How to develop microlearning

Reading Time: 3 minutes Microlearning is booming in the e-learning world. In short, one can define it as a modern approach to workplace learning…

Elements for a great company culture
15 Sep: Elements for a great company culture

Reading Time: 3 minutes The times are a-changin. Covid-19 pandemic has transformed countless sectors worldwide, introducing us to unusual ways of doing business and…

23 Jun: How to promote a culture of connection in a digital-disconnected workforce

Reading Time: 3 minutes COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all connect and communicate. Since the lockdown started, telecommunications have increased exponentially not…

Ready to reboard employees
09 Jun: Are you ready to reboard your employees?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Into the post-pandemic world of work The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted and reinvented the world of work as we knew…

The Future of Work
18 May: Has the Future of Work officially started?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Remote work is gaining popularity As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, millions are now being forced to work from…

Workforce Engagement
15 May: Our three top ways to engage your workforce

Reading Time: 2 minutes As we’ve talked about before, workplace engagement is too low for comfort. Here, we’ve included the three key areas you…

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