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Attract senior talent to build the best future for your company

We interviewed Laura Rosillo, age management consultant and specialist in human resources and learning processes. Founder of Talento CoolSenior, a company with real employment solutions for professionals and companies that fights against ageism.
Laura Rosillo fundadora de Talento CoolSenior

Our interview on attracting senior talent and people management

Laura, welcome to the niikiis brand blog:

What projects are you working on and which are your expertise areas?

From Talento CoolSenior we support and develop for companies the following tasks related to senior talent:
  • Diagnosis and management of the “age map” of their company workforce
  • Coordination of multigenerational groups for training, learning, and innovation communities
  • Design of strategies for managing the tacit knowledge and experience that senior workers have
  • Create resources and succession career plans and preparation for retirement
From the ASENCAT Association (Associació de Seniors de Catalunya) I voluntarily moderate and advise entrepreneurs and companies in the construction of business plans.
“According to a study by the Adecco Foundation, 40% of recruiters still automatically discard applications from professionals 55 and over and 75% of unemployed seniors believe they will never work again.”

What do we see trending in the hiring area and is age a reason to discard employee talent?

The answer is complex and has to do with the cultural prejudices and false myths that surround mature talent. “Youth is associated with energy, talent, and innovation, while maturity is associated with decrepitude, immobility, and loss of faculties.” What is more, it is assumed that a senior employee is much more “expensive” for the company than a junior one. Now we live in the age of longevity (in 2021, we have a life expectancy in Spain of over 83 years) so these clichés do not correspond to people’s reality. The healthy adult life cycle has been lengthened and the time of “old age” has been greatly shortened.

The trend of the demographic pyramid in Spain in 2021 (there are twice as many people over 50 than under 18) can help to modify these prejudices because there will be no other choice but to count on Senior Talent.

What is ageism and how can we fight it?

Ageism is age discrimination and it is the second cause of job discrimination in our country after gender discrimination.

It is the only job discrimination we inflict on ourselves when we say things like “I’m not young enough for this anymore”, or “At your age…”. Inevitably, it is the only discrimination that we will all suffer, if we are lucky enough to grow old…

To fight it, it is enough to accept and take ownership of our age we have and offer its true value, that of the years of experience we have. Above all, we must stop thinking about “aging” and start “planning for longevity” to be able to enjoy each of the stages of life.

What could an HR over 55 do to return to the world of work and find a job? What alternatives does he/ she have?

Fundamentally, I think candidates should stop simply applying for jobs (merely submitting resumes), and shift towards offering services to attract a new job. Analyze in-depth what the current needs of companies are, then start from this analysis a process of learning new skills and technologies that can respond to these new needs and present the best proposal/project to the company to solve these new problems. The “my time in exchange for a paycheck” contract is over, we have entered the era of being a freelancer and indicating that “my talent, my experience in exchange for a fee”.

How do you see the future of work for senior candidates?

As I indicated earlier, the population pyramid indicates that a real demographic revolution is taking place in which seniors candidates are the new majority and, therefore, count on us to build together this new world that is coming, more technological, more sustainable, more human… better.

Thank you very much, Laura!
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