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What we dream, we achieve.
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We dream, we achieve

At niikiis, we aspire to be your all-in-one Employee Experience Configurable platform that helps your company grow more agile and makes your employees happier, productive and committed!

Meet Niikiss Team
Our mission is to inspire employees with memorable experiences, meaningful connections and powerful journeys.
Our vision is to help employees do their job better by providing them a simple, intuitive, AI driven tool that allows them to focus on what’s important and not get lost in administrative tasks.
The first step to creating something magical

Our Soul and DNA is rooted out of the idea that everyone has something to share and people learn from each other, that is why niikiis means “nuggets of knowledge and skills for individuals”.

The logo represents the “pause” sign, for people to stop and learn, reflect, share, collaborate…

The return phase of the COVID-19 crisis is a good time for your company to “pause” and rethink the EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE.

Now it’s time to create tailored responses to employees’ challenges, not only safety and stability but evolving further as an organization by implementing new technologies that support powerful employee experiences.

The good news is that niikiis helps you adapt rapidly to changing circumstances with state of the art learning & listening tools, advanced analytics, two-way communication Channels, and other targeted solutions in a dynamic and effective way.

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Our team
Roger Team
Roger Romeu
Graphic Designer
Daniel Team
Daniel Duque
Full Stack Developer
Brais Team
Brais Vidal
Full Stack Developer
Manel Team
Manel Marcos
Back & Front End Developer
Sergi Team
Daniel Varela
Business Development Manager
Karen Duque
Quality Assurance Engineer
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