Case Studies

Living in the knowledge and gig economy will require lifelong onboarding.

  • Why does the retail industry benefit from a knowledge platform like ours? To increase sales.
  • Why service-oriented organizations need tools such ours to operate? To improve customer satisfaction.
  • Why does the human resource function use our app? To improve productivity.

Simple. Onboarding new employees faster and keeping the workforce up to speed on new gui-delines and procedures and new products and services make the organization more productive and ultimately ensure it stays competitive in today's fast changing environment. As your personnel struggles to find time to digest an overwhelming amount of new knowledge, they need access to cost effective and easy-to-digest learning any place, any time. Result? Confident, knowledgeable and motivated employees.


Your new team members need to reduce their learning curve significantly so they can hit the ground running faster.

Sales Enablement

Your workforce and extended network need to be educated about your products and services, brand and sales techniques to ensure consistency across all locations.

Customer Service

Your employees need to watch and learn from experienced leaders and from their peers to provide impeccable and consistent customer service, to be more responsive to client needs and increase customer loyalty.

Field Operations

Your field staff needs just-in-time and real-time learning to solve problems, to understand business processes, to maintain safety, quality and efficiency and to offer best customer experien-ce.

You will benefit from

  • training effectiveness: boost training retention and absorption using video-based microlearning.
  • cost savings: reduce travel costs and classroom training costs.
  • productivity gain: reduce lost time associated with formal training and looking for relevant learning material and improve confidence and engagement of your workforce
  • communication effectiveness: roll-out new products and services or existing products across a distributed workforce faster, and onboard new channel partners and keep existing partners ramped on current positioning and other key information.
  • consistency: centralized content for seamless knowledge transfer, consistent onboarding experience and best practices knowledge sharing.

If you have high-turnover, you grow fast, you are transforming the organization, you have a geographically distributed workforce or you engage gig workers:

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