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Help your employees do their job better

niikiis' knowledge platform combines communication, learning, entertainment and gamification, all in one. The aim is clear: make every individual a contributor to build a high-performing organization by embracing a culture of continuous learning. Empowering your employees is key to your success.


Let individuals share their expert knowledge and build your own libraries of contextualized content with just the push of a button.


Communicate with your workforce, personalize your messaging and learning and drive collaboration via gamifications and social features such as content feed, hashtags, notifications, leader boards, reviews and ratings.


Uncover and map knowledge and skills of individuals to identify talent, gain insights to support learning initiatives, launch individual learning paths and track progress and completion in realtime.


Plug-and-play our secured platform to your existing system, customize it based on your needs and scale it to support your enterprise growth and change.

The philosophy of niikiis is rooted in L.Davachi's AGES model; in 2010, Davachi et al. outlined four principles from neuroscience of learning about how to make ideas stick: Attention, Generation, Emotion and Spacing. Each bite-sized video content (a "niikiis") focuses on a single concept, employs proven instructional design elements and it is designed to be consumed in context, as part of the workday; our platform uses other social components and gamification to increase motivation and engagement. The ultimate goal is to help employees do their job better.

"Microlearning is a viable, effective and efficient way of learning"

Prof. Steven Poelmans, NeuroLab


"We've tried and failed to create a user generated content culture across the business before, but until niikiis we've never had the simple, intuitive tool we needed."

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Kevin Fisher

HR Director

"niikiis is cloud based and integrates seamlessly with all the other SAAS learning tools we use."

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Brandon Rogers


"Our onboarding process is changing all the time so being able to author new content quickly and cost effectively is critical."

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Derek Montgomery