Helping people grow drive our actions.

We believe in the power of knowledge and how society benefits from people sharing their expertise. We believe human beings are social in nature and they love to share their wisdom and perspectives with each other. niikiis was born with that intention in mind: unlocking the knowledge of individuals. We just wanted to build a platform to make it simple, fast and effective to do.

Our values


We make complex things simple; we seek effectiveness without compromising quality.


We put our heart, head and soul in everything we do, seeking excellence in our products and aiming for high customer satisfaction.


We work as a team, among us, our families and with our clients and partners. All voices are heard and we embrace our entrepreneurial roots.


We believe in the value of education as it is one of the five pillars for a society to prosper; our social mission is focused in supporting female entrepreneurs around the world, especially in Africa.

Our team

Carlos P. Hornstein


Bernat López

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Monica Dafcik

VP Growth

Anna Ripoll

User Experience Designer

Roger Romeu

Graphic Designer

Pedro Ballesteros

Video Producer

Inês Sobral

Marketing & Customer Success Manager

Miguel Neto

Software Developer

Agustin Silveira

Software Developer